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Outdoor Overhaul

Outdoor Overhaul

Since I was a wee lady, I remember my mom being outside and gardening.  No matter how bad of a back she gets, she keeps on keepin' on.  More recently, I've noticed her really using her talents to create cute plant arrangements around vintage decor outside and when you look through the large living room window, you can't help but smile at how pretty it's coming together.  I knew that her biggest wish has been to add new, more appealing outdoor furniture that fits the space better.  My parents bought this large 8 person outdoor metal table probably 10 years ago now and my dad and I just convinced mom to sell it to get something smaller.  Anyway, I've been helping her get some great deals on furniture and thought I'd share how the backyard is coming along and where some of the pieces are from.

First up, when you walk out of the sliding doors, there is now a 6 person wooden table in view.  This one is called the St. Martin and you can find it here.  And bonus!  It's 40% off right now.  There's also a matching occasional collection as well.  She chose to pair it with a 9-ft brown tilting umbrella frame and this adorable navy and white striped canopy.  The cute utensil place mats are from Marshalls.  Dad set up the icicle twinkle lights when they first moved in and they're still kickin'.  These are similar ones.

Next up is this cute little sitting area.  I'm weird, I know, I don't like sitting on patios.  Go ahead, mentally shame me.  That aside, I do have to say I've sat in these chairs with some chips and dip (my favorite right now are definitely the Spicy Queso Kettle Chips, ugghhhh so good!) and I don't hate it.  They're really comfortable and don't give me the patio furniture creeps like most things.  I know, weird phobia.  The mosaic table, metal chairs (they stack!), outdoor mat, and 5-ft umbrella + canopy are all from World Market.  All such great bargains!

This is the part where you realize that my mom has an eye for the most adorable + unique wind chimes.  HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?  The bird one is from our most recent stay at the Apple Farm in SLO.  You can find some really cool stuff in their gift shop.  She got the tea cup utensil one from a vintage fair in Uptown Whittier.

Okay, this post is slowly turning into me bragging about my super talented mom.  But she is, so at least I'm telling the truth.  Through our excursions at different antique + vintage fairs, she's been picking up old window frames and making these really pretty lantern displays.  She finally made some for herself and when I saw what she did with them I had to share!  (Pssst... she sells them too! Message us if you want one - or five.)  You'll see some more of these babies in action later in the post.

Back when I was getting married, she found this old Western coffin wagon.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  It's originally from an old movie prop house and was used in Westerns to basically "carry dead bodies."  She ended up finding it on Craigslist for a steal of a deal.  Everyone who sees it, fawns over it and boy is it a beast to move!!  Dad doesn't like to talk about it haha.  We originally used it as a dessert cart for mine and Mario's engagement party, but now it houses her garden arrangements.  Seriously, sometimes there are great finds on Craigslist amidst all of the weirdos.  Another fun fact:  Orange Grove Ave. is the first street my parents lived on when they moved to Whittier, California from my mom's home state of Washington.

Here's some more of her miscellaneous decor.  Most things were found at garage sales, fairs, markets, etc.  The old gate was also bought for my wedding.  The wheels are what's attached to the wagon that I just realized I didn't get a whole shot of.  Whoops!

I caught my cat, Cocoa, sleeping in the background while I was taking these shots.  She's a big ball of fur (literally).  So so chunky.  We honestly have no idea how she's lived so long.  I've had her for gosh maybe 16 years now!  The house I grew up in had a pool so I'm convinced it's because she loved drinking the chlorinated water instead of nice clean water in a bowl.

Oh!  I almost forgot... She also has two Adirondack chairs in the backyard as well!  With these super cute outdoor pillows, this is the one pictured.  And since I know you're curious, this is the other one.

Okay, here are some more shots of her lantern displays in all of their chippy glory.  Aren't they darling?!

Lastly, how funny are these red + white flowers.  They're called "Hot Lips."  I know, it's great.

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