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My Third Trimester

My Third Trimester

Wow! This trimester went by so quickly! The bulk of it was taken up by the holiday season at work. Talk about bad timing for getting pregnant (or maybe good timing depending on how you look at it). Amazing the amount of customers that are shocked as to why on earth you’re still working when you’re 9 months pregnant ha! I had a really hard time in my last month or so with the idea that I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore. It sounds crazy because I was also really excited to meet our baby boy, but I also loved pregnancy and feeling him on the inside. It’s time you’ll never get back and whether we have another baby or not, I knew that this first pregnancy was special and who knew if one in the future would be as easy as this one was. That’s something else I struggled with - admitting that it was easy. I feel for those women that have it terrible, it takes them a long time to conceive, they lose a baby, or they can’t have children and I would never want mine to make anyone feel like less of a woman. No matter who we are or whether we have healthy pregnancies or not, women are amazing human beings. Those who want to have children shouldn’t be scared off by how society projects pregnancy and childbirth as being hard. Yes, it has it’s hard moments, but it doesn’t all have to be that way. I think your mindset has a great deal to do with how you enter into it and I’m here to tell you pregnancy is great and I wouldn’t trade that privilege for the world.

This trimester I had THREE baby showers. Can you believe that? I just can’t even begin to thank the amazing women that put them on and everyone that celebrated our baby’s arrival enough. The love he was shown before he was even born was just unbelievable.

How/what I felt this trimester:

  • I got tired more easily. I’d pass out after a long day of work because it was our busiest time of the year with the holidays, but frankly that was about the worst of it!

  • My feet only got swollen twice and that was from my maternity pants being too tight in the leg hahaha!

  • I definitely wasn’t as hungry which Mario didn’t understand until we went to a birthing class where he saw an animation of a baby growing and the mom’s organs getting pushed smaller and smaller. His eyes got so big when he turned and looked at me. Crazy what our bodies can do!

  • I really had what I’ll call “belly separation anxiety” in my last trimester. I just did not want to part from it. I don’t know if that’s because I had such a great pregnancy and enjoyed every minute or it was because I didn’t have to suck in my stomach and my skin looked good. We may never know.

  • I never developed the pregnant waddle, but my walking pace slowed from it’s normal fast rate. There were times I’d get called on the intercom at work and they’d double call me thinking I wasn’t coming but it just took me a little longer to get up there ha! I couldn't be as physically active, but I definitely tried to be, much to the annoyance of my coworkers and family.

  • He had hiccups that I’d feel throughout the whole day.

  • He was breech so his head was right under my ribs and you could see it a lot when he moved.

  • I FINALLY got what I waited long and hard for, a “baby belly coaster” as my hubs called it. He’d get so upset with me when I’d balance a plate or cup on my stomach because I was “using our son as a coaster!”

  • LOTS of preparing for baby boy occurred and I think I changed the nursery a total of 7,289 times. Constantly taking things away and bringing them back in. Nesting was in full force because I threw just about everything we own away and I still don’t think it was enough, but a 3rd trimester belly kind of got in the way.

What we did:

  • We weren’t going to do a birthing class, but then my parents found out and wouldn’t let me get away with that so we went but to be honest it wasn’t worth the time and I’d 10/10 not recommend. But that’s just me. I feel like I knew a lot already and I didn’t really need breathing exercises because I was having a planned c-section. Still informative nonetheless for those who feel unprepared.

  • Crazy me did an 18 hour volunteer day and survived.

  • Mario and I finally took the advice of friends and took a baby moon. We decided to go somewhere relatively close by since I was already 35 weeks pregnant. We stayed at the Omni in San Diego and just spent time relaxing, eating, and hanging out in the pool in December. Oh, California.

  • We also went to a Car Seat Safety Class which resulted in us eventually installing and re-installing our car seat in the CVS parking lot by our house… due to many disagreements on whether it was perfect or not. Highly recommend taking the class if you’re pregnant though! It’s free to take and given by AAA. Ours was offered by our hospital and had great info we wouldn’t have known otherwise. They don’t just show you infant car seats but also how to install convertible ones for later.

  • I had my last day at work about 2 weeks before my due date and they threw me a super cute “See you later” party filled with my favorite treats and the best team :) Similarly on my last day of volunteer work, they sweetly embarrassed me with a speech and dessert. Oh, and I was bubble wrapped (pic below).

  • Mario and I went with a friend to Yard House and the waitress was so nice and accommodating. I ordered guac and chips and she offered up that it had feta cheese on it and I said “oh yes can you please keep that off” (though I desperately wanted it). I thought how odd that she’d say that because it’s not usually in someone’s mind to say what ingredients are on things, but later she came by after our meal with a congratulatory chocolate dessert on the house and said that she had noticed I was pregnant and when one of her friends was pregnant it was her favorite. That was the light bulb as to her feta cheese comment! I don’t know, thought it was super sweet that she did any of that or noticed at all!

  • We also took a few last Disney Days without a baby!

  • I got my “mom car” and gave in to leaving the Chevy family. In love with my Subaru Ascent so I can’t complain on the change!

  • We took our maternity photos and Ali was absolutely amazing.

  • We helped surprise Mario’s parents with a surprise Anniversary dinner when I was 39 weeks!

  • Unfortunately we went to our last ultrasound appointment with my doctor and paid for a 3D Ultrasound elsewhere, but never got any pics of our little man after that one in my 2nd trimester! With my anterior placenta and him being breech (and stubborn) it just made it impossible. Despite slurpees before each visit!

I went on maternity leave a week before my scheduled due date so we spent the day before his birth just Mario and I for the last time. We had breakfast, I got my hair colored, we got tea/coffee, went to the movies, and dinner at BJ’s which was where we had our first date. Highly recommend spending quality time with your spouse before your due date (at least with your first haha).

He never moved out of his breech position so I was scheduled a c-section. They did offer the option of trying to turn him, though it would be painful and done in the hospital by two doctors. Something told me to just let baby boy do his thing and not disturb him. It would’ve been very risky to move him as my placenta could possibly detach and cause bleeding. I also just felt that nature is pretty smart and there must be a reason he didn’t want to turn… and this mama was right. But I’ll share that in my Birth Story post ;)

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